SheWonder Gift Set .

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  • Disciplined, controlled, beautiful and healthy hair
  • Smooth and soft feeling
  • Time-saving beauty ritual
  • Long-lasting and easy to manage styling
  • It does not create build-up as it does not contain silicones

Gift Set Contains:

1. Restorative Shampoo

Moisturising regenerating shampoo with a special blend of Natural Oils (Black Cumin, Patauà, Tsubaki). 

It thoroughly cleansesthe skin of any impurities and residues, amplifyingthe effect of the subsequent treatment and leaving a pleasant sensation of hydration, vitalityand well-beingon the scalp. 

How to use: apply to damp hair, massage gently then rinse.


Hero Product 

Intensive modelling mask, instant conditioning with Clay, Shea Butter and Starch Complex.

It protects, regeneratesand provides deep and immediate hydrationto the skin and lengths resulting in disciplined, controlled, shiny and silkyhair.

Reduces styling times, with progressive memory effect. 

For medium-thick, treated, dry, frizzy and rebellious. 

Instant Shaping Mask has a double use:  

PRE-SHAMPOO INTENSIVE RITUAL: suitable for hair with impure skin. With dry hair, distribute the product on the scalp, massage, leave it on for a few minutes, then add a little water, lather and rinse partially.

For a regenerating, purifying, intensive moisturising treatment.

POST-SHAMPOO INSTANT RITUAL:After rinsing RESTORATIVE SHAMPOO, apply a small amount of product on the lengths, leave on for only 2 minutes, comb gently, then rinse and proceed with styling. It helps to reduce drying times, facilitate styling and increase its duration for visibly healthy, shiny, disciplined and controlled hair.  




Perfecting illuminating oil with a blend of Natural Oils (Black Cumin, Patauà, Tsubaki). 

Makes hair instantly radiantand shinyat sight, softand silkyto the touch.

How to use: spray on the lengths and proceed to the desired styling. Do not rinse.